Running Projects

Development of a novel pulsed electric field generator and a handheld syringe and needle holder with embedded electrodes for electroporation and electroextraction of biological molecules from the tissue

Current solid tissue sampling methods for diagnostics mostly use tissue biopsy, which could lead to localized tissue injury, bleeding, and scarring. Tissue biopsy is followed by pathological examination of the sampled tissue and a decision based on that examination. Recently, we demonstrated novel technology for harvesting biomolecules in vivo based

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Pupillometry in clinical settings

The human eye can be described as an optical system; The eye focuses and processes incoming light through the lens and the retina . The pupil, an opening in the ring shaped iris, optimizes retinal illumination. Pupil size is modulated by two factors: by the level of ambient light, and

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An integrated engineering-computational-biological approach to unravel molecular dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease

In this cross-campus proposal, we set out to develop a human-relevant in vitro platform for studying Parkinson’s disease (PD), and to use it for identifying PD-associated abnormal pathways using patient-specific differentiated cells. Over the first six months, we developed the computational, biological, and engineering infrastructure for tackling this goal, advancing

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