The first Zimin Institute project cycle was completed

The first Zimin Institute project cycle was completed and winners were announced during the official Zimin Institute Inauguration ceremony

Five projects were selected out of 29 submitted proposals – all of them proposed research in one of the topics that the International Advisory Board indicated:

1. Artificial Intelligence:

a) Deep learning.

b) Medicine and life sciences applications.

2. Advanced sensors

The winning projects are:

Innovative Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Heart Medical Procedures: Optimal Intervention Time for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement – Prof. Rami Haj-Ali, School of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Development of a multimodal Brain-Computer Interface based on Artificial Intelligence for rehabilitation of people with motor disorders – Prof. Jason Friedman, Physical Therapy, Sackler Faculty of Medicine

Individualized closed-loop sensorized virtual reality for behavioral change – Prof. Yael Hanein, Electrical Engineering and Dr. Tom Schonberg, Life Sciences

Identification of intraperitoneal free cancer cell during surgical procedure for disease management: a multidisciplinary engineering solution using a deep learning and real-time-repaid sequencing technology – Prof. Noam Shomron, Sackler Faculty of Medicine

3D printing of cardiac patches with integrated sensors and actuators to regenerate the infarcted heart – Prof. Tal Dvir, Faculty of Life Sciences